Levante UD, through its training-sports actions, has the firm will to provide innovative services, activities and products, having as its essence, the quality of training throughout the teaching-learning process, through values as the basis of fundamental where the person is sustained.

Our objectives are to create an ideal context for learning and training, with close and competent professionals, who have a true passion for training, and for football.

Our training methodology gives vital importance to the tactical aspects of the game, where decision-making takes on a relevant value during the course of training, experiencing actions and situations similar to the reality of the game.

Exercises and tasks to improve technical resources individually adapted to the needs of each player are an important part of the player's training.

Nacidos entre el 2005 y el 2014


  • 5 training sessions
  • 5 technical sessions
  • Team competitions
  • Diploma Accrediting the training with a Photo of the Campus Team



All families will have the right to cancel the enrollment of their children from the campus at any time, however, the following conditions must be taken into account when canceling.

  1. If this cancellation is made fifteen days before the start of the campus, the entire payment made will be returned.
  2. If the cancellation is made seven days before the start of the program, it will be necessary to present documents that prove a force majeure for the refund of the money, understood as hospital admissions reports and not a common medical receipt.
  3. If the registration is canceled within a period of less than seven days before the start of the campus, 50% of the income made will be returned, as long as documents are accredited that demonstrate that the cancellation has been made for a reason of overwhelming force.